From the starting of our project we have faced many difficulties, some of those challenges faced were –

Version of Ubuntu

Since a latest version of Ubuntu was available – 18.09 , we started by installing the same. But when we moved ahead – we realized that there are a lot of walkthroughs online as well as a lot of softwares were only suitable for Ubuntu 16.04 . Thus we downgraded our systems to Ubuntu 16.04!

Advice- Do not start with the latest OS (if its realesed just now)!

Configuring how Pi works

During our initial days we had no idea how the raspberry pi worked. We had to completely depend on online help and pages for guidance. A lot of those things were managed pretty easily – but some things gave us loads of trouble. When we were running our Movidius SDK – an error kept up occuring. It took me days to realize that there was a version problem- I have installed two version of some python libraries which were giving me a hard time – and rather than delving more into the problems root – I reinstalled entire OS, and reinstalled all the components one by one again – and thus the problem got solved!

Installing OpenCV

This one is funny – I installed openCV using build – which is the ideal way to do it..but it takes 10 hours XD. And since it is a long process – I used screen so that my laptop wouldn’t be busy for that long – And due to some errors – it took me 3-4 attempts..XD

When I confronted Anupam sir about it – he said I should have done it using pip and it would’ve taken less than 90 mins. I’ve never left pip since then.

Advice – Not every tutorial is good – use pip everywhere!

The PI camera

We used Raspberry Pi-3b+ and raspberry pi camera 2. But while keeping the board on – I installed the Pi- camera. Since then the camera has stopped working – the board socket got affected too, so the next camera we ordered – faced the same fate!

We had to depend on webcams in the end!

Advice – Do not install or remove anything from the raspberry pi board w/o turning it off first. This wont give a problem ever – but since I faced it along with many others on the internet -and the components are costly – please use precautiously!!

Using Bluetooth Devices

This is a very prominent unresolved error in the raspbian Strech. They have introduced automatic pairing and many more facilities in Strech which were not present in Jessie – but still – almost everyone faces the same issue!

The issue you would face first is connecting your device – use sudo bluetoothctl for this.

Secondly – for playing audio files – you have to select audio card for output – if you are lucky – you can do it from GUI itself- but if it doesn’t work- here are some tips-

Do not depend on blueman!

Do not depend on PulseAudio!

Try doing it with alsamixer settings and adjusting the volume.

The Model

We have made two models – one for heavy duty usage and other really compact as shown in the model

We had the following components which we wanted to accomodate as compactly as possible – The raspberry pi, Pi camera, speaker, Movidius Stick and Power bank!

After Anupam sir’s recommendation – we came across Duracell powerbank which is tubelike and gives off decent power backup and also very handy in size – So we came up with the idea to use it as our handle!

This improved the compactness a lot more.

The other things we introduced was a push button – which when pressed by the user – turns on the whole device and device starts working without anyother command!

We also introduced Vents for cooling in the model before we 3d printed it!